Crespo VDL
(Canturo - Cadillo - Quidam de Revel)
Approved: KWPN, Studbook Number: Holst 42.10003605.07, Predicate: STB
Born: 2007, Color: Bay, Height: 1.72m (17-0)

Crespo VDL (Canturo - Cadillo)
Crespo jumping at the VDL Stallion Show 2011

Crespo VDL was approved in 2010. A very very well developed stallion. At the public presentation
of the stallions, the selection committee said that Crespo VDL proved himself very rideable and gave his riders a good
feeling. He moved with abundant suppleness, closed his stride easily, and showed lots of scope.

Crespo VDL brings strong jumping Holsteiner lines for breeding. Sire Canturo is an International Jumper at 1.6 meters. His achievements are impressive: Both 5 and 6 years old CANTURO competed in the finals of the German Young Horse Championships and at the age of 7 in the finals of the World Championships for Young Horses in Zangersheide. At the age of 8 he was victorious and placed a.o in the CSI’s of  Vienna, Rome, La Baule and the Swedish Derby in Falsterbo. At the age of 9 CANTURO was victorious in Spruce Meadows and nominated as a participant for the Olympic Games.

The dam of Crespo VDL is a Regional Premium Holsteiner mare who comes from the Holsteiner stam line 474a which produces many approve stallions and international jumpers.

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