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Approved: KWPN, Swedish, Selle Francais, Hanoverian, Studbook Number: 85.101603-1 Stb (ex Stud Book de Chile)
Born: September 20, 1985, Color: Dark Bay, Height: 165cm (16-1 hands)

If your looking to add a little thoroughbred to an old fashion mare and want a foal for jumping, consider French Buffet.  He has good character and received a fabulous foal report in Holland. 

French Buffet also brings in the blood of War Admiral the famous race horse in America.  For all those not familiar, watch the movie Sea Biscuit.  You will find that French Buffet, War Admiral and Seabiscuit are all related!

French Buffet is a beautiful, long-lined and correctly built thoroughbred stallion.

The thoroughbreds Lucky Boy xx, Millerole xx and Waterserpent share the same lines as French Buffet. These stallions have been of great significance for show jumper breeding.

French Buffet jumped internationally in South America, in Aachen and Arnhem in both the sub-classes and 1.40 and 1.50 classes. Some important results are: in 1996 he won the 1.50 Grand Prix twice and four times the 1.40 Grand Prix. In 1997 he became National Champion at the 1.50-1.60 level and he also took 1st place twice, once a 2nd and once a 3rd in the 1.40 Grand Prix.

French Buffet is easy to ride over the jump, shows a lot of potential, is round and finishes his jump nicely.

French Buffet showed a good collection of long-lined foals with good movement and who also possess good pedigree and elasticity. Therefore, he received a glorious foal report!

His first offspring are well developed and seem to jump well.

French Buffet xx: the long sought after thoroughbred which we need again.

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Offspring of French Buffet Born in the USA

Unix (French Buffet x Accord II) Stallion prospect.  3/4 brother was selection for the 2nd round stallion select in Holland November 2003. 

Now owned by Patrick Jaworski & Christina Maria Trettel, MN

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