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Navarone has already had the success of 2 mares that have made Top Ten Star Provisional Keur at the NAWPN Dutch keurings in the Nation.  Among them is Taloma (Navarone x Goodtimes, now owned by Jill Stacey (NM).  Taloma was #3 in the Nation in movement and #7 in jumping. 

Taloma (8/2009) owned and shown by Jill Stacey (NM). At her first show she received a 9 for her walk (definately a Navarone trait!), 8 for her gaits and was super to show. At Training 4 (open) classk, their final score was 63.6% and placed 3rd.  Congrats!!!

In 2005 at the Keurings the colt Austin MG (Navarone x Goodtimes) was 1st Place and 1st premium out of 10 foals, with the colt (Navarone x Sauvage Diamant) also 1st premium, 2nd place in the class.  The yearling stallion Zalig MG was 1st premium, young horse champion and tied for #3 in the Nation Top Ten NAWPN Keurings!

Zalig MG (Navarone - Accord II) bred by Majestic Gaits out of the Keur mare Larinette now owned by Terry Schrubb (NH) 1st Place 1st Premium Foal Top Ten #3 Nation KWPN-NA Keuring 2005. Now owned by Cynthia Moore-West (Colorado)

Updated from Cynthia "This picture is from his first cross-country schooling. As you can see he has a HUGE jump and really seems to like cross-country. Zalig competed in his first United States Eventing Assoc. Young Event Horse competed and won by a landslide with a 73% which is a qualifier for the national championships. Zalig (Ziggy is his barn name) never ceases to amaze me with his talent, unlimited potential and his wonderful willing attitude.

Currently I am working with a international dressage trainer and he is already doing half-pass, changes and showing talent for passage. I am also looking to qualify him for the USDF nationals for the young dressage horse the year. Zalig has been everything I have always wanted in a great well rounded athlete along with a very loving personality. Thank you for the opportunity to purchase such a wonderful horse."

Congrats Cynthia!

Zalig (Navarone - Accord II) Zalig (Navarone - Accord II)

Austin (Navarone x Goodtimes)
1st Place 1st Premium Foal NAWPN Keuring 2005

Oldest Navarone Offspring Performing well in Jumping in Europe

Thunder III (Navarone x Gershwin) Thunder III (Navarone x Gershwin, under Swiss rider Jrina Giesswein has been really well at the CCI2* and CCI3* in Europe.  Their results helped the KWPN Dutch Warmblood Studbook become #5 Evening Studbook in the World!  Thunder III was 4th at the CCI2* Salgen in Germany, 3rd at the CCI2* in Frauenfeld Switzerland and 6th place at Bred CCI3* Breda Netherlands in 2009! 
Touchable (Navarone x Goodwill) Touchable (Navarone x Goodwill) won the Grand Prix at the CSI2*Tortona in Italy 2009 with rider Claudia Gisler.  Congrats to Navarone and all his fans and offspring that share in his success.

Spartucus (Navarone x Landgraf I)

Supergirl (ex Sierra-Nevada) (Navarone x Colando I)

Supergirl (ex Sierra-Nevada) (Navarone x Colando I)
Now in the USA showing with Kent Farrington

Thesues (Navarone x Nimmerdor)

Navarre (Navarone x A Lucky One) Competing and Winning at Grand Prix!
navarre by navaronenavarre by navaronenavarre by navarone
Photo by Cealy Tetley
Navarre ex Spetter (Navarone x A Lucky One) Navarone's oldest offspring...On July 1st, 2007 they won the $25,000 Desjardin Grand Prix during the Beaulieu Summer Classic II in Ste. Justine-de-Newton, Quebec. Seven horses out of the twenty horse field jumped clean in the first round. Only Navarre and my other horse Chianto (ridden by Jonathon Millar) were able to post a clear round in the jump-off. They finished 1-2.
Thorwald (Navarone x Voltaire)

Thorwald (Navarone x Voltaire) also known as Thomas or Vespaio (USEF) and owned and ridden by Lara Hargreaves Popovich ... "We are thrilled with him on many levels - great personality, super technique and tons of presence".

- Littlewood Fences Summer III (2007): First Level 3, sixth Level 4
- Littlewood Farm Labor Day A (2007): Fifth Adult Amateur (level 3), Second Marshall and Sterling AA Classic
- Wellington Equestrian Festival (WEF) 6 (2008): tenth AA
- WEF 8 (2008): eleventh AA, third Modified AA (level 4)
- WEF 10 (2008): second Amateur owner low classic (level 6)
- WEF 12; fifth AO low
- Keswick Hunt Club; third level 5

2009 Update

Vespaio (prev Thorwald) by Navarone is currently winning in the A/O Hunters. He was champion in Wellington in late May/early Jun and reserve champion at Swan Lake (PA) Jun 16-21 (his second and third times in this division).

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Wilbur: (Navarone x Accord II)
1st Place Colts 2003 Beland Breed Show

Whatsup (Navarone x Telstar) Whatsup (Navarone x Telstar) Whatsup (Navarone x Telstar)

SOLD Whatsup MG : (Navarone x Telstar) Owned by Carol Landt (Bellingham, WA)

2008 update from Carol: " He's the love of my life. I am an adult am rider. He has won 3 of his last 4 training level classes with two 70% and a 69%."

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Zalig (Navarone x  Larinette Keur(Accord II x Ahorn))
Born with power, rhythm, fantastic gaits, good conformation and super temperament and Navarone gave it to him!
2005 Top Ten Yearling KWPN-NA keuring!

Congrats to Tracy Ammons, TX
Navarone out of her Thoroughbred mare Red Red Rose, Tracy reports a perfect match and they will be breeding back after the mare goes into sport.

Congrats to Deb Malcomson on her new filly (Navarone out of her thoroughbred mare)  Super filly, strong gaits and nice temperament! Sadly deceased from a barn fire.

Zakarla (Navarone x Amarens Ster (Telstar x Joost))  Full sister to Whatsup (now in California showing dressage).  We are keeping her to continue having this fabulous motherline in our breeding program at Majestic Gaits.

Rosalinda ABF (Navarone x Ambitious(Lippizan))  Congrats to Carolyn Graves on this special filly.

2009 Update from Carolyn..."Rosalinda ABF is doing great. She is maturing into a stunning gray. She's about 15.3h, at 5 years, and still growing. She has a super work ethic and will be backed this Summer. The Lipizzan half is slowing her maturity so she is about a year behind other horses her age. The way she is going, she should be about 16h. Beautiful movement."

Rosalinda is started under saddle. We saw her while we were at GMHA in the pasture as they are just a mile away. She is very friendly. Started under saddle and for sale. Contact Carolyn..

Zamboni (Navarone x Glacier Bay) Mary reports: "Zamboni aka: Cash had his first jumping lesson. Not surprisingly, he took to it immediately. The trainer thought that he had prior jumping training for sure (he has not). "

Zamboni (Navarone x Glacier Bay)

Congrats to Mary Sponhalz (CA) on this super Navarone. Mary loves the Navarone offspring with their natural talent just like Navarone.

For Sale Contact Mary

Check out the 2005 Navarone Foals

Austin (Navarone out of Miloma KEUR ELITE by Goodtimes)  Same motherline and sireline as the top ten mare Taloma.  Austin is a fantastic colt.  Smart, playful and so easy to work with.  He carries himself with grace and power. 

Appel Jack (Navarone x Volckmar)
Bred and owned by Lisa Woodward (CA)  Lisa plans to take Apple Jack to the Dutch keuring in CA.  She reports Apple Jack is a super mover and his best gait is his trot.  Navarone has really stamped his foals as this one doesn't look much like the mother at all.  They are thrilled with their new colt.

Adagio (Navarone x throughbred mare)
Bred and owned by Kerri Sowers (NJ) A beautiful colt by Navarone.  This is a super cross and Kerri plans to bred back again to Navarone in the future.

" We took our 3yo Navarone gelding, Adagio, to the Dressage at Stone Tavern Breed Show on Aug 28.  He won the 3yo Colt/Gelding and also the KWPN-NA classes!  He was very good for his first time out to a show."

Adagio (Navarone)

Adante (Navarone - Vlockmar)

Adante (Navarone out of Esprit De Vie by Vlockmar )  A colt bred and owned by Mary Sponhaltz (CA).

2009 Update on Adante: Mary reports "Just a quick note to let you know how much fun I am having with Adante' (Navarone x Volckmar). I don't have an arena at my house yet so to ride in something other than a round pen, I have to trailer somewhere. Needless to say, our weekends have recently been filled with trailering excursions. Adante' has taken everything in stride, always settling into his new surroundings quickly (that Navarone temperament coming through). With only about 90 days under saddle, he is truly a pleasure to ride. Very forward and balanced with a big canter stride. I am hoping to compete him in both Materiale and Young Event Horse classes before the year is over as both my Dressage Trainer and Eventing Coach feel he will be competitive. Should be a fun summer. "

photo courtesy of

Absolute (Navarone out of Elite Hanoverian mare Dalliance!)  Available for sale.  Contact June Brody.  Visit her website for more details

Abenaki (Navarone x Sauvage Diamant) 1st Premium 2005 Keurings. 

Ava (Navarone - thoroughbred) 3 years old Ava (Navarone - Throughbred Mare) Congrats to the breeder Mary Fabish (MI) Mary reports "We had a wonderful filly out of Navarone from our throughbred mare. She is now three and we just sold her to a dressage trainer here in Michigan. She is delightful, easy to work with, drop dead movement and can jump the moon as well"
Little Email (Navarone) Little Email (Navarone) 5 years old

Gelding by (Navarone)

Five year old gelding, under saddle. Dam is a star mare. He is 16 hands tall, under saddle for two years.

FOR SALE: Contact Mary Fabish (MI)

From The Ashes (Navarone x Thoroughbred) Shown here at 4 years old

Approved CSHA Stallion
From the Ashes (Ranger) (Navarone out of Pure Faith xx) born 2006.

Congratulations to Zoe Ericksen-Meesters (Canada) on their approved Navarone son From the Ashes (Ranger).

"Ranger is now an approved CSHA stallion.  They thought he was lovely and couldn't get over his good nature. We registered him as 'From the Ashes" since he was born right after our barn fire." Zoe


Baloo HR (Navarone x Zoliak/Ramiro) 2006 colt

For sale, contact Brent Howell at

Bren (Navarone x Geronimo D) Bren (Navarone x Geronimo D (SF) Bred and owned by Sue Nedelman (NH).

Alexis on Fire EHF(Navarone x  Saunders) Owner: Emerson Horse Farm

Caroline Lederc reports: at her first show out (first time off property) - she was 2nd in the yearling colt/filly

Canadian Sport Horse Division and 2nd in the Open yearling division. At the Royal Winter Fair she placed 3rd in the filly yearling class CSH division.

She is a fantastic mover - people always stop to look at her and I have had numerous comments on her movement and how typey she is. We are thrilled with her. S Caroline

2007 Foals Born in America  
1/25/13 6 year old jumpers double clear 5th place

Chester MG (Navarone x Glennridge)
Show Name JUS II aka (Juice)
Bred by Majestic Gaits
Owned by ARK Partners

2008 Foals Born in America  
Navarone x Cassini Congrats to Heidi Howarth (MA) on her new colt out of her mare fantasic jumping mare Carella by Cassini born in 2008.
Navarone x xx Devline (Navarone)

Devlin (Navarone - Thoroughbred) Congrats again to Heidi Howard (MA) born 5-3-08. She had a gorgeous colt, he's tall, all legs, and has the most beautiful canter.  He has an adorable head, expressive eyes, and the cutest ears.  He's very sweet!

Devlin is out of a retired Grand Prix Showjumper mare, Bella Luna (aka Pegasus Pearl, Diane’s Tempo). Bella was a successful Grand Prix Jumper, and later Amateur Owner Jumper. She is 17.1 hands, TB, easy to work with. She is a lovely mover with a big powerful trot, jumps in excellent form, and a real trier in the show ring. Devlin has a curious nature, loves people, and is very brave. He is quite a character. He has a beautiful canter, and is very athletic. He is sure to be a great sport horse.

For Sale Contact Heidi

2008 colt (Navarone x Idocus)

Congrats to David and Lu Lancaster (Ontario)

For sale, contact

Nadia (Navarone x Art Deco)4 months old Nadia (Navarone x Art Deco) 2008 filly bred and owned by Kathleen Donnelly-Mayger (Colorado)
Diego (Navarone x Ahorn x Concorde)

Don Diego C.R. (Navarone x Ahorn x Concorde)

Congrats to Cindy Hunt: " Thought you might want to see our little boy. We think he is spectacular( totally objective of course) - out of our Ahorn/Concorde mare.  We will be in touch for a repeat breeding this spring!!!"


Double Jus (Navarone - Galoubet) July 2010 2 years old

Double Jus (Navarone x Galoubet) Congrats to Noel Aderer (NH) born June 2008

Fabulous bred gelding with top jumper lines from Navarone and Galoubet! For sale contact Noel.

2009 Offspring
Echo (Navarone - Belisar)Echos in the Mist (Navarone - Belisar) Echos in the Mist (Navarone - Belisar) March 23, 2009 filly. Congrats to owner/breeder Janet Ruddick (NY). Very cute!
Electra (Navarone- Burggraff - Voltaire) Electra (Navarone - Burgraaf - Voltaire) 2009 bay filly. Congrats to Kim von Disterlo (CA). Kim says she is a super athlete! Very nice.


Zest de Pomme mare by Navarone, out of the thoroughbred mare Always Out xx.

Update from Breeder Elizabeth Ciemniewski "This picture was taken in February, 2008 in Wellington, FL. Our mare will be 5 years old this year, and is jumping 3'6" in the picture below. We chose Navarone for the dam, Always Out xx, because we wanted a quiet character and all-rounder with respect to movement and jumping ability that would build on the stamina and fortitude of the thoroughbred dam. We now have a lovely mare that is uncomplicated and simple to ride, yet brave and athletic. Best of all, she is extemely correct and we have been told by many judges and top riders that she is an excellent sport horse type and broodmare candidate."

Owner is Tim Millard, and the rider in the photo is his daughter, Vivian Millard. Congrats to all on the great success. We look forward to hearing more about her in the future!

Zoe (Navarone)

Evitta MG (Navarone - Glenridge) Evitta MG (Navarone - Glenridge)Evitta MG (Navarone - Glenridge)

Evitta MG (Navarone - Glenridge). First Premium 2009 Filly, 2nd in Class. Sadly deceased 11-20-09

Nikita FoalHe will be 3 weeks old tomorrow!!

Colt (Navarone - Gentlemen - Emilion) Congrats to Whitney Hosea (NJ) on her new colt. Whitney says "He is just wonderful so friendly and calm just wants to be loved and itched all over!! He is just wonderful so friendly and calm just wants to be loved and itched all over!!"


Emberonne Star (Navarone x Thoroughbred)Emberonne Emberonne Starman (Navarone - TB) Emberonne Starman (Navarone - TB)

Emberonne Starman (Navarone - Thoroughbred) Congrats to Victoria Jordan (CA) on her new colt by Navarone.

Sadly deceased in 2010 due to a an accident that broken his leg.

Elise (Navarone - Facet) Elisa (Navarone - Facet - Doruto) Elisa (Navarone - Facet)

Elisa (Navarone - Facet - Doruto)

Congrats to Bernice Lemack (NJ) on this fabulous filly born April 9, 2009. Bernice says "She is beautiful and has the best temperament. "

Navarone x Thoroughbred 2009 Filly (Navarone - Thoroughbred) Congrats to Kristine Nielson and Emery Ulrich (MN) on their new filly by Navarone out of their Thoroughbred mare Sable Betty Grabel. Another beautiful filly by Navarone with a super nice character.
Esprit (Navarone x Sally (Morgan x Saddlebred) Esprit (Navarone x Sally (Morgan/Saddlebred). Congrats to Joanne Ives (CT) on her Navarone filly out of her mare Sally (Morgan/Saddlebred). Joanne reports "Her temperament is fantastic and she is smart and moves beautifully."
Navarro (Navarone - Saunders) Navarro (Navarone - Saunders)

Navarro ( Navarone - Saunders) colt, full brother to the fantastic filly Alexis on Fire above! Should be another fantastic show winner like his sister. Congrats to Caroline Hollingsworth (ONT)!

He is for sale Contact Caroline.

Etoile (Navarone) Etoile (Navarone)Filly. Congrats to Katie Clark (ONT) on her filly out of her mare Jacinth. Katie reports she is a beautiful filly and she bred the mare back to Navarone again!
E-magine(Navarone - Abdullah) e-magine (navarone - abdullah)

E-magine (Navarone - Abdullah)

Congrats to Susan Bernard (WA) on her beautiful chestnut filly by navarone out of the Hanoverian jumper mare Animation. Born June 8, 2009. Susand LOVES this foal and the best one she has had. NOT FOR SALE!

Susan comments "Really smart, sweet and strong"