Liz Caron and Schroeder at the New England Stallion Show March 29, 2014
(photos by Carole MacDonald)
Schroeder (Sandro Hit x Escudo I)Schroeder (Sandro Hit x Escudo I)Schroeder (Sandro Hit x Escudo I)
Schroeder & Mary at the Global Dressage Forum. Mary is staying in FL year around, so Schroeder now has a new rider, Liz Caron, Carbery Fields Farm. Thanks Mary for a great year and taking Schroeder to Intermediare I and the Florida experience was super. We now look forward to the talented accomplished FEI rider Liz Caron to take Schroeder up to Grand Prix and the CDIs.
Schroeder (Sandro Hit x Escudo I)Schroeder (Sandro Hit x Escudo I)Schroeder (Sandro Hit x Escudo I)Schroeder (Sandro Hit x Escudo I)

Schroeder and rider Mary Bahniuk Lauritsen were 3rd place at the National Dressage Championships in Kentucky with a 67.105% They were also 2nd place PSG on their 2nd FEI PSG rider ever 67.5%. Below is the championship ride.

Schroeder & rider Mary Bahniuk Lauritsen at the NEDA Fall Show were 4th level Regional Champions!!! They are going to the Nationals in Kentucky Nov 7-9. They also competed at PSG for the first time and received a 66% 3rd place. After KY, they are off to Wellington.
We need your support through sponsorship to get Schroeder to Nationals. We can offer advertising through our email news and facebook pages. We have a huge following and would love to share. Email me for information. Anything is most appreciated!
Schroeder (Sandro Hit x Escudo I) Schroeder (Sandro Hit x Escudo I) Schroeder (Sandro Hit x Escudo I)
Photos by Carole MacDonald
Schroeder and Mary doing a psuedo first musical freestyle on the fly at the Hannoverian Inspection at UMASS September 12, 2013.

Schroeder & rider Mary Bahniuk Lauritsen at the Centerline Dressage show Aug 2013 where they won their 4th Level test 1 class with a 76%. She also won the Jamie Rudolph award for riders below age 25 with the highest score. Received a on his walk and all 8's on the back page.
Schroeder (Sandro Hit x Escudo I)Schroeder (Sandro Hit x Escudo I)Schroeder (Sandro Hit x Escudo I) Schroeder (Sandro Hit x Escudo I)

Schroeder & Mary Debut and Wins at Westbrook Dressage

Schroeder & Mary Bahniuk Lauritsen Schroeder & Mary Bahniuk Lauritsen
Schroeder & Mary Bahniuk LauritsenSchroeder & Mary Bahniuk Lauritsen
Majestic Gaits is excited to announce Mary Bahniuk Lauritsen from Windhorse Dressage as the new rider for our 9 year old Hanoverian stallion Schroeder (Sandro Hit x Escudo I). Mary is the assistant trainer at Windhorse Dressage under the very accomplished Head Trainer and Grand Prix rider/trainer Diana Mukpo. Over the last ten years, Mary has brought her self-made horse, Rossignol-ISF through the FEI Junior, Young Rider, and Young Rider Grand Prix levels. She also is the owner of Fenway MG (Navarone x Goodtimes). Diana brings her worldly experience, including the spanish riding school to guide Mary and Schroeder on their road to Grand Prix. We look forward to an exciting show season up here in New England and then down to Florida this winter. 

Thank you to Cindi Wylie and Rosebrook Farm for their training and care of Schroeder through the winter. Cindi's amazing expertise as a trainer and rider has helped Schroeder and us so much. Schroeder never looked so good! We really appreciate the support we have received from Rosebrook Farm. They have an excellent training program and thank them for their guidance and transition to find a new rider for Schroeder.

Mary and Schroeder plan to debut at the Westbrook Dressage Show in CT June 22-23.
Schroeder & Mary Bahniuk Lauritsen
Schroeder schooling with his FEI rider Cindi Wylie (1-2013)
Schroeder (Sandro Hit x Escudo I)
Schroeder & Makenzi 7-27-11 (Photos by Carole MacDonald)
Schroeder (Sandro Hit x Escudo I) Schroeder (Sandro Hit x Escudo I)
Schroeder (Sandro Hit x Escudo I) Schroeder (Sandro Hit x Escudo I)
Schroeder (Sandro Hit x Escudo I)

Schroeder & Makenzi Training with Christoph Hess March 29, 2011
Schroeder (Sandro Hit x Escudo I) Schroeder (Sandro Hit x Escudo I) Schroeder (Sandro Hit x Escudo I) Schroeder (Sandro Hit x Escudo I) Schroeder (Sandro Hit x Escudo I) Schroeder (Sandro Hit x Escudo I)
Pictures from the 2010 National Young Horse Dressage Championships!
Schroeder (Sandro Hit x Escudo I) Schroeder (Sandro Hit x Escudo I) Schroeder (Sandro Hit x Escudo I) Schroeder (Sandro Hit x Escudo I)

July 18, 2010 Training Photos by Carole MacDonald preparing for the National Championships in Illinois! Looking good!
Schroeder (Sandro Hit x Escudo I) Schroeder (Sandro Hit x Escudo I) Schroeder (Sandro Hit x Escudo I) Schroeder (Sandro Hit x Escudo I) Schroeder (Sandro Hit x Escudo I) Schroeder (Sandro Hit x Escudo I)

2010 Mystic FEI 6 Year Old 80.1% 1st place. Looking good to going to Nationals at Lamplight, Illionois in July.
Schroeder (Sandro Hit x Escudo I) Schroeder (Sandro Hit x Escudo I)
February Stallion Show 2010 at Pineland in Maine
Schroeder (Sandro Hit x Escudo I) Schroeder (Sandro Hit x Escudo I) Schroeder (Sandro Hit x Escudo I) Schroeder (Sandro Hit x Escudo I) Schroeder (Sandro Hit x Escudo I) Schroeder (Sandro Hit x Escudo I)
Schroeder and Makenzi riding at the 2010 Pineland Stallion Show

Schroeder & daughter Demimora MG (Schroeder x Flemmingh) in hand at Pineland Stallion Show

Schroeder (Sandro Hit x Escudo I) Schroeder (Sandro Hit x Escudo I)
Photo by Carole MacDonald
Schroeder (Sandro Hit x Escudo I) Schroeder (Sandro Hit x Escudo I) Schroeder (Sandro Hit x Escudo I)
Schroeder (Sandro Hit x Escudo I) Schroeder (Sandro Hit x Escudo I)
Photo by Carole MacDonald ------------------------------------Vidal Photography - Devon
schroeder (Sandro Hit - Escudo I)
schroeder (sandro Hit - Escudo I)
Schroeder (Sandro Hit - Escudo I)
Photos by Carole MacDonald
Schroeder and Colleen training with Christoph Hess from Germany. Christoph told us that Schroeder was the quality to be at the Young Horse Champioships in Verden Germany..

Schroeder (Sandro Hit x Escudo I)
Photos by Carole MacDonald

Schroeder April 2008 at the Frenk Jespers Clinic...He has grown nicely. Frenk commented on an uphill build, super character and very good mover. Photo by Carole MacDonald.
Phil Silva running Schroeder in hand for the first time.

Schroeder Xcountry Jumping as a 3 year old in German Final Stallion Test

Schroeder (Sandro Hit - Schroeder (Sandro Hit x Escudo I)Escudo I x Gajus)
Approved: Hanoverian, OLD GOV, ISR/OLD, BWP, RPSI, Canadian Warmblood and Canadian Sporthorse, Dutch and Thoroughbred mares bred to Schroeder get Register A KWPN papers, KWPN PROK approved and scoped. Westphalian for Westphalian or Rhinelander mares.
Studbook Number: DE 431 310117404
2004 Bay 17-0 hands
Fresh Semen Breeding Contract In 2011 Fresh semen $1750 LFG, EVA Negative. Collection Fee $275. Discounts for return Majestic Gaits clients, early booking and quality mares.

2013 2nd place FEI PSG 67.1% Kentucky Bluegrass
2013 3rd place National Championships 4th Open 67.25%
2013 First FEI PSG 66% 3rd place NEDA Fall Festival
2013 Regional 4th Level Champion!!! NEDA Fall Festival
2013 Centerline @ Saugerties 76.236% 1st Place
2013 Westbrook Dressage 66.5 % 1st Place
2013 New FEI Rider Mary Bahniuk Lauritsen
2013 Winter training with FEI Rider Cindi Wylie
2012 Mystic Dressage Show Level 4-1, 4th place

2011 King Oak 1st Place Dressage Level 3-2
2011 Westbrook Dressage Level 3, 2nd place
2011 Mystic Dressage Level 3, 2nd place

2010 Qualified for FEI 6 year old National Championships
Finished 11th in the Nation!
2008 #4 USDF 4 year old Material Horse of the Year
2008 #1 USDF Hanoverian stallion in hand

Schroeder(sandro hit - escudo I)neda futurity qualified

Schroeder is an approved Hannoverian stallion and passed his 70 day test in Germay in 2007. He shows super character(rated 9) , endurance and along with good movement, he also jumped well.

His first 2 offspring have arrived this year and they are showing his super character, strong hind end, uphill build, pretty head and powerful fancy gaits! Check out Dorette MG and Demimora MG and below.

Schroeder's sire Sandro Hit was Winner of 1999 6 year old Dressage WorldChampionships and German Bundeschampionate. One of Sandro Hit's most famous daughters was Poetin (Sandro Hit/Brentano II) who was winner in 2003 of the World Championships for Young Dressage Horses as well as the Bundeschampionat. She was sold in 2003 for 2,500,000 Euros.
Sandro Hit has the highest breeding index in Germany of 153.

Schroeder's Dam, SPS Esmeralda was 2002 Champion mare at the Loius Wiegels Show and took 2nd place at the prestigious Ratje-Niebuhr show.
The stallion Warhol by Western Star is out of the mare Wegola by Wendelin, a daughter of Gotha, Esmeralda's grandmother. He is placed up to Grand Prix Level and was licensed as a two-year-old, but was never active as a breeding stallion.

Esmeralda's Mother Gute, produced Summersby by Stakkato, who is successful in showjumping at S-level under Olympic Champion Lars Nieberg.

Grandsire Escudo I was the winner of the stallion performance test in 1994 and achieved a convincing 144.90 points in the jumping category. He also won the 6 year old Showjumping Championships in 1997. Escudo I is a son of the Celle State stallion and 1995 Stallion of the Year Espri who is known worldwide for producing outstanding jumping horses, he produced 58 Grand prix offspring (8 dressage/50 jumping) including World Cup winner E.T FRH, Enrico, World Breeding Champion Edgar, Olympian Esprit de Valdemar and in dressage German Grand Prix A team member Elvis VA, ridden by Nadine Capellmann.

NEDA Fall Festival 1st Level 1st Place 69.1%

View Schroeder's 1st ever dressage test 1st Level test 4

Sandro Hit (OLD)
1999 6 year old Dressage World Championships and German Bundeschampionate

Sandro Song (Old)

Sandro Z (Holst)

Sacramento Song xx

Duerte (Holst)

Antenne II (Old)

Gepard (Hann)

Antenne (Westf)

EM Loretta (Old)

Ramino (Westf)

Ramiro (Holst)

Dombuch (Hann)

Hauptstutbuch Lassie (Old)

Welt As (Old)

Lucie (Old)

SPS Esmeralda (Hann)
2002 Champion Mare Central Hanoverian Keuring in Germany and 2003 Louis Wiegels-Shau

Escudo I (Hann)
6 year old Showjumping Championships in 1997, 1994 Stallion Test Champion

Espri (Hann)

Eiger I (Hann)

SPS Diplomatin

SPS Athene (Hann)



Gute (Hann)

Gajus (Hann)



Gotha (Hann)


Show Results & Videos

New Rider for Schroeder in 2010, Makenzi Wendel. A few pictures from the first training sessions. Can he sit or what? And check out the hind leg! No wonder why we hear how the foals have nice hind legs and movement. WOW.
Schroeder (Sandro Hit x Escudo I) Schroeder (Sandro Hit x Escudo I) Schroeder (Sandro Hit x Escudo I) Schroeder (Sandro Hit x Escudo I)Schroeder (Sandro Hit x Escudo I) Schroeder (Sandro Hit x Escudo I) Schroeder (Sandro Hit x Escudo I)

NEDA Fall Festival 1st Level 1st Place 69.1%

Schroeder (Sandro Hit - Escudo I) Schroeder (sandro hit - Escudo I) Schroeder (Sandro Hit - Escudo I)

August 15, 2009
- 69.1% 4th Place 1st Level test 3 Centerline @ Saugeries Dressage Show

August 9, 2008 Pinelands Farm USDF Breed Show
- 1st Place Stallions at Stud
- Champion Stallion

- 4 year old Stallion Material Winner 79.5%

August 2, 2008 Maplewood Warmbloods USDF Breed Show
- 1st Place Stallions at Stud
- Champion Stallion
- Mature Horse Champion
- Reserve Champion of the Show
- 1st place Material under saddle with 80.23%
Video wmv version download version
Or watch below....

July 11, 2008 Kasson Ridge USDF Breed Show
- 2nd Place Stallions at Stud (Qualified for Series Champions NEDA Fall)
- 2nd Place Material under saddle

June 14, 2008 Ten Broeck Farm USDF Breed Show
- 3rd Place Stallions at Stud
- Get of Sire Winner

Download Video of him just a week at his new place in Germany as a 3 year old and under saddle
Check out the video of him at the April 2007 Stallion show in Germany

Offspring of Schroeder

Schroeder has stamped nice heads, long legs, super characters, strong hind quarters with uphill builds and movement with lots of suspension in the gaits. They are already proven themselves in hand!
Demimora MG (Schroeder - Flemmingh)

Demimora MG (Schroeder x Flemmingh PREF x Ahorn) Born 3-30-08. Pictures are at 2 weeks old. This is the first foal born by Schroeder.

-1st Premium KWPN Keuring #2 in Class #12 in the nation out of 63 dressage foals.
-2nd place Yearlings Ten Broeck Breed Show 2009
2012 Young Horse Show Champion Mare Under Saddle

Congrats to Phil & Orintha Silva! (MA)

Dorette (Schroeder x Silvano)Dorette MG (Schroeder x Silvano)

Dorette MG (Schroeder x Silvano x Flemmingh PREF) Born 5-11-08. Already very strong and showing a strong hind end like her sister Demimora. Pretty head and very sweet in personaility and learns quick.

Scored 8's on her conformation!

#4 USDF National Horse of the Year
#2 USDF KWPN Filly Horse of the Year

SOLD Congrats to Sue Wildman! (MA)

Sebastian (Schroeder - Eminenz)

Sebastien ie:Sam (Schroeder - Eminenz) Colt Born 3-21-09. Congrats to Terri Boyagian (MI)! The first Schroeder colt to be born ever! Terri reports "Sam is a very typey foal with a beautiful head and great gaits"

Sam's dam Expose is also a top producer. All her foals are vry nice and all of them will be in the show ring and very competitive in either jumping, eventing or dressage. Fantassia by Feiner Stern out of Expose' has been shown for 3 years. She scored an 80% in training level in florida as a 5yr old and has been in the top 5 in the nation for the last 3 years. She is showing 2nd and 3rd level this year as a 7yr old and will hopefully be doing the young developing horse next year. A mother that produces winners and a sire that is winning in the show ring! Fantastic.

For Sale, Contat Terri Boyogian

Youtube Video Link
He already goes around the dressage ring, jumps, flying lead changes and what a wonderful canter!

Schroeder - Thoroughbred

Congrats to Sandy Stokey on her new filly by Schroeder out of her Thoroughbred mare. Born April 5, 2009. A beautiful bay filly! Sandy reports: "She is absolutely lovely! We had her out in one of the larger paddocks and she looks like she will be a fairly big mover with good freedom through her shoulder. She is very athletic... we have been treated to lead changes galore, a bit of passage and the beginnings of a canter pirouette (LOL). I really couldn't be happier with her and look forward to enjoying her for many years to come. Thanks so much for making such nice stallions available! I can't wait to see how Schroeder's career develops. :)"

Eloma MG (Schroeder x Goodtimes)

Eloma MG (Schroeder - Goodtimes) born April 8, 2009. She is a canter machine and looks a lot like the filly Dorette MG we had last year that did so well at the shows! For sale to a home that will show her.

1st Place 2009 KWPN-NA Keuring

Stella Luna (Schroeder - Gonzo I)

Stella Luna (Schroeder - Gonzo I) 2009 bay filly

Congrats to Julia Houle (MI) on her new filly by Schroeder. Julia reports" The longest legs I have ever seen!  I'm over the moon - I feel like this is the horse I've been trying to genetically engineer for 30 years! Thanks again and I'll Keep you posted as she grows. "

Saxton Hit (Schroeder - Tannenhaix xx - Wagner  - Nimrod) Saxton Hit (Schroeder - Tannenhaix xx - Wagner - Nimrod). Congrats to Rosalie Rehirchuck (Manitoba Canada) on her colt born on May 5, 2009 by Schroeder! Rosalie reports "Great news!!! Tatiana had a colt on May 5th.  I am very happy everything seems to be going well. He is a tall baby"
Sir Real LJS (Schroeder - Ferro) Sir Real (Schroeder - Sir Real (Schroeder - Ferro)

Here is Sir Real LJS by Schroeder out of Saretta (Ferro). He was born 4/24/09, we think he's pretty darn nice!!!

Congrats to Marie Emrey (MD)

For Sale Contact Marie.

Sir Real LJS was 2nd in the open Colts of 2009 class at Fair Hill Dressage Breed show!

Linus (Schroeder - TB) Linus (Schroeder - TB) Evangelo Hit (Schroeder - Thoroughbred)
Carrie says..." Evangelo Hit his first day at home, and his first turn out outside of an indoor arena.  Party!! I'm loving him, he gets better by the day.  He is a very smart boy. I finally saw Linus trot, and I am pretty impressed, as that needed the most improvement out of anything,well I got exactly what I was looking for! "
Evangelo Hit (Schroeder - Thoroughbred) Evangelo Hit (Schroeder - Thoroughbred)
Growing up!

Evangelo Hit (aka Linus) (Schroeder - Thoroughbred) bred by Carrie Calder (MN). Carrie reports "He is BEAUTIFUL!  His legs go on forever, and he definatly has daddy's head.  He is exactly what I was hoping for!! I am very proud to say that I own the beautiful boy!  Thanks so much Kathy for helping make my dream, a reality! "

1st Breed Show 1st Place 70.3%...from Carrie: " I got many compliments on Evangelo Hit.  I couldn't of asked for him to be better behaved, he was amazing.  For an almost 3 month old foal, he was perfect.  To top it all off, he won the In-Hand class!!  Judges comments were: "Nice shoulder reach", "Free suspension", "Seems willing, pleasent, and gentle" "


Milan (Schroeder - tb)

Milan (Schroeder - Thoroughbred) Congrats to Lorelei Zuniga (NY) on this fabulous filly born 5-21-09. Lorelei reports "We had our Schroeder baby this morning, a very lovely bay filly. Healthy, strong and beautiful. She is very trusting, I handled her shortly after she was born. She was accepting of me without a problem, she is a doll. Perfectly correct, just stunning and so elegant with amazing movement. I am so pleased with her. "

For Sale, Contact Lorelei Zuniga
518 821-3231

Epic UC (Schroeder - Rubenstein - Taxateur)

Epic UC (Schroeder - Rubenstein - Taxateur) Congrats to Karen Miller (OR) on her new colt by Schroeder born 5-19-09 Karen reports...."tall, leggy colt with a circular star and tiny snip on one nostril"

For Sale, contact Karen Millier

Schroeder - Ramiro

Colt (Schroeder - Ramiro) Congrats to Jennifer Verhulst (ONT) on her new colt.

For sale contact Jennifer.

Lucy (Schroeder - TB) Lucy ( Lucy (Schroeder - TB)

Eva Lucia (Schroeder - Thoroughbred) Congrats to Sara George on her new Filly.

Sara reports "She is just beautiful-- very feminine and VERY sweet. So sweet in fact, mom doesn't want anyone else around! Her foaling was textbook and we're so excited to have her. Now, what to do with all those legs?? I think we would be interested in breeding to him again (as we were leaning over the fence watching our filly and discussing what we would like to do for next year the question of whether we should go back to Schroeder came up and just then Lucy leaned back onto her haunches and gave us a very controlled and perfect little levade, pausing at the height of the movement—and then she leapt up with both hind feet! We were pretty taken aback…we had never seen a courbette from a foal before!! She galloped off (she also has an amazing gallop) and returned to her dam to do a little canter pirouette for us. I guess we know where her vote lies!).

Edge (Schroeder - Rampal)

Edge (Schroeder - Rampal)

Congrats to Barb Sudamier (MI) on her beautiful filly by Schroeder out of her mare Kiev by Rampal. Barb has already bred back to Schroeder again!

Barb reports "A very leggy filly with with plenty of chrome.  She is already uphill, elegant, and fancy."

Emydae (Schroeder out of Turtles)

Emydae (Schroeder out of Turtles/AQHA)

Congrats to Jenny Williams (NH) on her fantastic new filly by Schroeder out of her appendix QH mare Turtles. Her name, Emydae is a Greek or Latin name for Turtle!  Cool,

Jenny says " She is just gorgeous and a beautiful, floaty mover!".


2010 offspring  
Eli (Schroeder)

Endretti GF (Elis) (Schroeder x Rhodium)

Congrats to owner/breeder Donna Nita (SC) on her colt Elit by Schroeder out of who was the Southeast Series USDF Grand Champion Colts/Geldings.

Carter Bass gave him an 80.3% in the championship class and Jos Sverens a 79.2%.

Schroeder offspring are winning!

Summer Samber (Schroeder x Briar) Libbi Albright said her colt Summer Samber (Schroeder x Briar) "wowed the judges and was awarded his Oldenburger Premium Foal 2010 plaque!" at the Oregen inspection on Thursday August 5, 2010. Congrats to Libbi!  
2011 Offspring  
Galileo MG (Schroeder x Goodtimes) Galileo MG 2011 colt by Schroeder (Sandro Hit x Escudo I) born March 18, 2011.

SOLD Congrats to Tedi Lesniewski (MD)

2011 Breed Show @ Windswept 1st Place Colt, Foal Champion and High Score KWPN-NA Dutch Warmblood of the show! Judge commented. This is exactly what you want in an FEI horse!

2012 Offspring  
Hifive MG (Schroeder x Goodtimes x Houston) Hifive MG 2012 colt by Schroeder (Sandro Hit x Escudo I) born May 4, 2012

SOLD Congrats to Beth Sabbagh (CA)
Hifive MG is growing up at DG Bar! Full sibling due in 2013

2012 Brookside Breed Show Foal Champion!
2012 USDF KWPN-NA #2 Horse of the Year
2012 KWPN-NA Keuring 1st Premium, 2nd place just a point behind a foal by Totilas!